Thursday, August 20, 2009

15 Years of Marraige for us young love birds!

We decided to return to the temple we were married in to celebrate our anniversary. We had a great weekend in Toronto, minus the crazy drivers. I decided I would dedicate a little of my blogging time to the best husband in the world.
Top 10 reasons David is the best rockin' awesome husband.
10. If I say "I feel fat in these jeans", David says " You know my pants feel tight too, I think the dryer is shrinking our stuff"
9. If I say "I am cold" David says, "Here is a blanket honey"
8. When I don't want to finish my plate of food at home or at a dinner event...David quickly switches plates with me after his is empty...he rocks!
7. I fall asleep every night with David rubbing my legs
6. He loves being at home with us so much so that if I say "I wish you didn't have to work today" I almost have to kick him to work...he would absolutely stay home (but we need to eat...must work)
5. He is our families biggest cheerleader in all occasions. He's the first person I see when I finish a race.
4. He is a great friend to all that know him.
3. He is a great leader for our family in righteous living and good decisions.
2. If he is the last out of the bed, he makes it
and the number one reason I think he rocks!
1. He is way HOT and a GREAT man in every way!

My oh My Jonah is 9!

Ok here is my "pool"cake. It is an ice cream cake with cool whip. We loved it. Happy Birthday to our favorite son!

This was the most fun...We gave each boy a duck (pop bottle decorated) and they raced to the opposite end of the pool. It was super fun.