Monday, July 25, 2011

Rain Rain-Thanks for the Day!

We wait all year for our Michigan's Adventure weekend.  This year we were SO worried that the 90 degree weather we have been having, we were worried that it would KILL us.  We made sure we dressed super light and thought about everything we needed to do to stay Cool.  What we didn't prepare for was the rain.  We were actually cold for a bit because it rained so much.  We pressed on though...we rode until they shut down the rides for a brief period of time.  You can see the kids playing in the rain waiting for the rides to start up again.  I was so bummed because I seemed to be the unlucky one.  I was all buckled in to do the bumper cars and they shut it down due to lighting.  Then later I wanted to do the Beebop cars and got to the front of the line only for them to inform me that they were temporarily shut down...Seriously???

All that seems not good but it worked to our advantage.  The rain kept everyone else away.  Once it cleared up everything was up and running, and so were we!  There were very few lines.  The kids would get on the ride-back off-and right back on again.  It was AWESOME.  It even warmed up enough to enjoy the water park fully.  It was a BLAST!  I love this weekend.  I love hanging with our friends and talking by the campfire all night.  Good times for sure!