Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll!

Second and Fifth graders are sporting their stuff here!  I wouldn't say the children were excited to start another year of school, but I would say they were ready.  We had more fun times in our neighborhood this summer with our friends that it is time we got structured again.  The big two started middle school too early for a photo and would not cooperate later for one.  So I guess the two youngest become the stars!  I am excited for all of my children to embark on a fresh year.  This will be Jonah's last year in elementary...I can't believe it.  Time is flying by and I'm trying to hold on to it!  Roll on school year 2010-2011!

Another Year-Another Awesome Time!

We had a great time at Michigan's Adventure this year, you wouldn't know it by Madeline's facial expression.  She HATES her picture taken, we just do it anyway.  Sorry Maddy!  But it's all good because  we had a great group of friends and the kids rode until closing.  I say kids which includes these great men.  Me I am an official baby stroller pusher and kettle corn eater.  I love to sit and people watch with my kettle corn at the park.  Who needs rides?  Well, the kids do.  They loved it.  Abigail was tall enough to ride all the rides but one.  This is our4th or 5th year doing this and we love it.  We got lucky with the weather.  It started to rain when we left the park for the night...then it rained ALL night.  So much so that we actually got wet in our camper.  It was worth it!