Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No need for thanks!

Part One: Here in the Walker home we find ourselves slightly tight on living space.  Bedrooms are fully occupied to the max!  Jonah is the only child with his own room.  The three girls share a lovely abode together.  Usually this isn't a problem, but occasionally we have fighting that occurs as a result of different cleanliness opinions.  Savannah accuses Madeline of having OCD(Obsessive Control Disorder) and Madeline accuse Savannah of having OPD(Obsessive Piggy Disorder).  So this next event stemmed from a stream of arguments resulting in the declarations " I want my own room"....

Part Two:  As I walk past Jonah's room I glanced at a cluttered and messy habitat.  I ask Jonah to clean it up.  Jonah responds with "Sure, I'll get to it".  Day two- David asks Jonah to clean it up.  Jonah responds with "Sure".  Day three- I start to feel bad that three girls are stuck in one room and the child who has his own room can't keep it clean.  These pictures are blurry(camera issues) but I think you get the idea of the room's condition.

Do you see the banana peel??? REALLY??? 
So not wanting to be THAT parent , you know the one who nags and nags, I came up with another solution.  This is what Jonah came home to find on his door.

Let's just say that when Jonah read this he was NOT happy.  His response " 3 days is not enough time"...I told him that I hoped he could make the deadline.  I was pulling for him!

The result:
Nicely folded clothing...I have to give Jonah A LOT of credit on this one.  All my children have to fold their own laundry.  He is the BEST laundry folder out of all of them.  He really does a nice job with this task.

A clean Room!  These pictures are slightly dark but I think you get the idea.

To sum this up I dedicate this last part to my future daughter-in -law.  There is NO need to thank me for all the years of training that went into this awesome young man!  He was worth and I know you will SO appreciate his domestic skills as he applies them in your home.  You can thank me by having adorable cute grand kids!!!