Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kalahari Fun!

As part our Christmas present to the lovies we went to Kalahari over winter break.  We had so much fun!  If you haven't been it is a MUST!  The youngest two children, Abby-Jonah, and the biggest child, David, all body surfed.  Here is a small clip.  As you can tell Madeline, Savannah and I are not this crazy. We were enjoying spectator seats. 
It was fun to look outside and see all the frost on the windows while we were toasty warm in swimsuits.  We ended up with one facial abrasion...when Abigail stepped on David's face, what was his face doing on the ground you might ask...he was diving in the wave pool- yep breaking the rules! We did get a bunch of knee and back scrapes ...but if you ask any of the kids if it was worth it.  You will get definite YES!

Jonah and Abby at the Brooks Talent Show

This year, 2011, our two elementary students participated in the annual school talent show. Jonah made his final appearance doing his version of the Evolution of Dance. Abby also sang a song with her friend Shaye. Both were fantastic and we are very happy with their performances. Try not to laugh too hard at our controlling daughter Abigail.  She might need to go solo next year...she has learned to share the microphone yet.  It was super funny though! The quality of video stinks...we picked the seats by the lights and it washed everyone out . I am trying to get better material, but we will see. You get the idea from what we have. Enjoy!