Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let the running begin!

I had high hopes for a good finish time for this Country Music Festival Marathon... the hope was diminished at mile 17. Shelli and I did good at first. We were keeping our pace time well. It was hot but doable. Then We hit mile 16-17. We were running in an area with no shade and the mid morning sun had come up, and no water station for 2 miles. I started to struggle. I kept going with my sweet friends encouragement. Then at mile 19 I was really struggling. The heat was melting me. They said on the course that it was over 90 degrees. It seriously felt like it. At mile 21 I tossed my cookies as they say and I really struggled to stay vertical. I didn't think I could finish... I was soooo hot. I ended up walking the majority of the last 4 miles...what a disappointment. I was so mad at my self, but I was really struggling not to pass out. I finished with a time that isn't even worth mentioning. But on a positive note, the weekend was super fun. We had a free concert with Billy Currington and that was great, the food was great and we had fun with our great friends. I guess I just couldn't take the heat.

Can you take the heat?

This is the after view. Don't we look great? I am actually surprised we had the strength to still smile.

Crazy Hair Day at School

Our school did a fundraiser...Crazy Hair Day. I had so much fun reliving the 80's hair do. Savannah's was super big...just loved it! I tried to get Jonah to let me put some pony tails in his hair but he said "no"...what's up with that?

Easter Fun

Here is the finished product...We don't do too many eggs since no one eats them except Maddy and Daddy. Can you tell Savannah likes to pose?

Savannah is now 11!

Yep it's true my little girl is 11. We had a great birthday party. We did a Twilight theme which included a kiss the Edward game, trivia, blood juice and of course the viewing of the movie. It was super fun... I think I had as much fun as she did. Two of her friends conspired to each get her a webkin, one a lamb and the other the lion. "So the lion fell in love with the lamb..." for you non Twilight fans that is a line from the book and movie. I thought that was super creative of her friends. A lot of fun... Happy Birthday Bansie!


Great Job Savannah. Savannah and her partner Hunter created a catapult for school. They built it out of Lego's, daddy's idea. This thing was great and could shoot a tennis ball up to 2 feet. They didn't win... but we were super proud of them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was downloading some pictures and I found this cute one of Abigail. I find it funny because every spring I have to buy new hand tools to garden. Either I can't find them or they are rusted and broken. After viewing this photo it has become very clear to me why that is. Don't sweat the small stuff, right?