Monday, October 12, 2009

Corn maze or Corn Craze?

What do you get when you have a lady who can't see without her glasses, a directionally challenged person and two young women? Us at a corn maze! Our good friends Paul and Lori took us to this fun corn maze. You could pick your maze, three to choose from. The men and Abigail went to one way and we took the opposite. We ended up back at the beginning 3 times before we got the hang of this. It was super funny. Finally Maddy decided she could save us all, and she did. She helped us figure out where to go. Lori can't see without her glasses and I am just challenged. We were so slow that the men found there way through their maze and caught up with us at ours. To our defense we started with the hardest one. It was a turkey maze...a lot of feathers to go through. What a great activity though! Next year I will do better, now I know what I have to do (go with the men!). Love, Love, Love it!

And He Scores!

Way to go Jonah! He has really blossomed this year in football. He has played on the same team, with the same coach and boys for 3 years. This is the first year we can actually say he is good! I love to watch him go! He is best at defense but in a pinch he can get that ball and run it home! Gotta love it!

Afer uploading some picutres I had forgotten that over the summer we had some fun friends, Ashely and Danielle, come and teach us how to make cake Fondant. It was so much fun and we were suprised at how nicely it came out. It was so nice that none of us wanted to eat our creations. If you look closely at the cupcakes you can see the layers and layers of detail. Thanks Ashely and Danielee for the fun memories!