Thursday, January 3, 2013

What did we do on Christmas break?

I love this picture...Jonah is super excited for his new air soft gun, and Abby has an appropriate look of "Great, something Jonah can shoot me with". lol

We aren't super creative so here is our attempt at Gingerbread houses.

This picture represents Savannah and I this break, blankets and books.  A side note this inter tube object Savannah is sitting on was a present from Santa to go sledding with.  All four children did not fight over who would get to sled on it first as you might think...they did however fight over who got to sit in it in the living room.  NICE!

I am not a puzzle person but David is...this puzzle took 1 1/2 to build.  The pieces were accidentally kicked and yes we lost one!

A star Wars Lego was built by the boys...couldn't tell you what this is.

Another Star Wars Lego...I think this is R2D2?
Maddy built the Harry Potter Series of Lego's...go girl!

Duplicate picture...can't figure out how to get it off!

Savannah may KILL me for posting this but it is super funny.  Maddy accidentally poked her in the eye while opening presents.  I love the look on Maddy's face!
All in all we had a great break.  We were expecting some family to come into town for the Holidays...while we are super disappointed they didn't come we did find our inner laziness and had a bunch of naps and movies.  It was FABULOUS!