Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happening Events!

I am behind on updated our family here goes my lame attempt at keeping you posted.
Our Maddy turned 14!!!!  We didn't do a big party this year but we had a great time.  Madeline was blessed to get a cell phone from her uncle that she LOVES!  I was hesitant to open up this bag of worms for our family but I have discovered that Madeline is more willing to be social through her phone.  Any social avenues for Maddy is a good thing!
Daddy Daughter Dance
Mother Son Dance
Both David and I had the opportunity to take Abigail and Jonah to dances.  What a BLAST!  I know Abigail and daddy boogied all night long.  Jonah was the life of the party.  He barely rested.  He even tried to pull wall flowers off the wall.  If he noticed someone was shy or struggling...he would make his way to them and we would be dancing with a new group of kids, he was infectious!  What FUN times!