Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First...Second...and Traditional

We experienced our First time geocaching!  Thanks Ron and Elaine for turning us on to such fun.  I would have never imagined that going through grave yards could be so awesome.  This fun event is like a scavenger hunt electronically.  We followed directions to where a little something was left for us to either  leave an additional something or just sign our name.  Good stuff...Jonah even got to hop a barbed wire fence, with no injuries.

This was our Second attempt at a corn maze.  This maze had the shape of the United States.  We had two sections, the first was the outline of the U.S.  The second was the inner workings of the U.S.  Very Cool!  Unlike a couple of years ago we managed to swiftly make our way through the maze, not as quickly as the boys or our friends...but what's that matter (hee hee).  This picture shows Savannah's enthusiasm because we made it out without getting lost!
Our attempt at being angels...I know we need A LOT of help!

Maddy striking a pose...she was the reason we didn't get lost.  That girl was amazing with a map!

Traditional...The camp ground we stayed at offered trick our treating from campsite to campsite.  This would have been cool if I were not so lame.  We quickly realized that our little scarecrow decoration was NOTHING compared to the other campers.  Other campers had a whole haunted trail with the BESTEST decorations.  Oh well...we still had candy, that's what's important right? 
Abby is a scary witch!

Jonah is a rocker!

 Maddy stuck with her 80's girl theme!
Savannah is an Identity crisis!

When I grow up I want to be like Abigail!

Once a year in Activity Days, 8-11 year old church group activity, the girls get to perform a talent.  This year I asked Abigail what she wanted to do and her response was "I have this under control mom!".  So I sat back and waited until the BIG EVENT.  Sure enough when it was her turn to perform Abigail went to the front and performed like a star.  Abigail sang a Taylor Swift song with no music or fear.  I have decided that I want to have that much courage when I grow up.  Her confidence stole my heart!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Madeline's first homecoming!  She went with a great group of girls.  Here's to Maddy living it up!