Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unique Girls

With two teenage girls, we are realizing how much they struggle with "who"they are in this time. This year for Christmas both girls got lap tops, refurbished of course, and a DVD to help them remember how special they are. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Having Fun with Jonah

I had the opportunity to run a small local event with Jonah...Such Fun!  I created a running blog for fun.  LeeAnnesruntime.blogspot

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Charming Chicago!

We went to the museum of Science and Industry.  I can honestly say this was the BEST museum ever!  I really don't enjoy museums but I suck it up for my families well being.  That being said, this one was amazing.  I really loved it!  This picture was taken in the How Weather Works area.  The girls were enjoying the wind blown appearance.  Very cool.
This is an actual submarine that was captured in WW1, U-505. They built this museum around this enormous thing.  We were able to tour this submarine.  Our tour guide was amazing, he had you so involved in the tour that you felt as if you were really there.  Although when he described how 50-75 men were in there for months without a shower I was super glad I wasn't really there.  This was simply awesome. 

Madeline and Savannah have found their future prom dress!

What would a trip to the museum be without a little face painting.  Savannah got a butterfly.  Madeline's was an elephant and Abigail's was a unicorn.  Very cool!

We are so grateful to my Uncle Kevin and his wife Jen for treating us so awesome.  We couldn't not have had a better time.  We shopped, ate, walked, ate, shopped and ate some more.  We had one perfect weekend...thanks Uncle Kevin!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Fun

This big thing is a Buzz Light year made out of Lego's.  We received an open house invitation to the new Lego store opening up in a very upscale local mall.  I wasn't super eager to go, Lego's excite the rest of the family much more than they excite me.  After being convinced to go I was amazed at how cool it was.  The line to get into this store wrapped around the banister in the mall.  On the lower level children could build a section of the Buzz statue.  It was AWESOME!  Then at random moments they would ask trivia questions and hand out prizes.  It just so happens that David has a lot of information in that brain of his so he knew the answer and let Abigail receive the prize.  She was thrilled!  She one a Lego house, which the whole family built the same night when we came home.  It is amazing the imagination that creative people have.  This event was amazing.
Madeline and Savannah entertained themselves endlessly with this ball structure...What a hoot.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll!

Second and Fifth graders are sporting their stuff here!  I wouldn't say the children were excited to start another year of school, but I would say they were ready.  We had more fun times in our neighborhood this summer with our friends that it is time we got structured again.  The big two started middle school too early for a photo and would not cooperate later for one.  So I guess the two youngest become the stars!  I am excited for all of my children to embark on a fresh year.  This will be Jonah's last year in elementary...I can't believe it.  Time is flying by and I'm trying to hold on to it!  Roll on school year 2010-2011!

Another Year-Another Awesome Time!

We had a great time at Michigan's Adventure this year, you wouldn't know it by Madeline's facial expression.  She HATES her picture taken, we just do it anyway.  Sorry Maddy!  But it's all good because  we had a great group of friends and the kids rode until closing.  I say kids which includes these great men.  Me I am an official baby stroller pusher and kettle corn eater.  I love to sit and people watch with my kettle corn at the park.  Who needs rides?  Well, the kids do.  They loved it.  Abigail was tall enough to ride all the rides but one.  This is our4th or 5th year doing this and we love it.  We got lucky with the weather.  It started to rain when we left the park for the night...then it rained ALL night.  So much so that we actually got wet in our camper.  It was worth it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camping in Traverse City

We found these awesome marshmallows.  They were camping marshmallows.  Look at the size difference!  I have to say that I didn't think they made good smores'.  Too big for that...but they were fun to roast.
Sister moment.  Savannah just got her braces on and Madeline gets hers off in 2 weeks.  I love these two brace face freckled girls.
Savannah was begging us to do this!  Every time we drove by this place, I think its called The Pirate's Cove, she would plead.  We caved....here they are having fun.That's my boy...always figuring out how things work!
David got some awesome photos of the Blue Angels air show.  They were awesome this year!  I am not much for this type of activity but it really was cool this time.  This group is amazing.
We had PERFECT weather this weekend.  The children played for two days in the water with the Roger children, some of their best friends.  It was a great time.  We are so lucky to have such great friends that we can enjoy weekends like this with.  We played, relaxed, ate way too much food and shared a lot of laughs.  Thank you to our friends the Rogers for making memories with us!  And don't you just love that pink tube Jonah is in...we told them it takes REAL men to float in the pink!
Abigail and Emma taking time out for some lunch...look at that face!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shaving Cream fun to celebrate the beginning of summer.

This year I decided to start the summer off just right!  When the children exited the bus, I attacked!  I pretended to be weeding the yard, when they arrived I sprung!  I was armed with shaving cream and squirt guns!  What fun!  The only child that reacted was Jonah...he sprung into action!  The other children were stunned.  They stood there unsure of what was happening. After the initial shock they got into it.  This was so awesome.  I just love these sweet children.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hear the ROAR of my men!

David and Jonah didn't let a little rain completely wash out their fun!  They went to the Detroit Tiger's baseball game, it was cancelled once they arrived due to rain.  They made the best of it with burgers in Hockey Town and hanging out with friends.  The best part is they still have their tickets for a do-over date!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break in New York

Here are the children and their cousins in Central Park.  This was so fun.  I was especially in love with the trees in this park.  One of our favorite movies is Home Alone, so we relived a few of the scenes here. 
This guys was neat.  Jonah took right to him.  Of course we had to give a tip in order to take this picture!
This is the token photo that everyone takes to remember their vacations.  When I look at this I can't believe how much my children have grown.  They are great children!
This is a great New York City view with most of us.  David is taking the picture.  Spending the day in New York City made me realize how busy the world can be.  Wow was it super crowded and busy!  I had to keep doing head counts to make sure we didn't lose any of our little ones.
A kiss from my amazing husband under the KISS
The FAO Schwartz piano...this was so neat!  I made Madeline get on, you can tell she was thrilled!  This was one of our favorite places.  We couldn't afford anything in it but it was fun!I had to put this picture in.  This was an emotional moment for me.  Abigail lost her two front teeth.  Wow is she cute!

Madeline's 13th Birthday

This was Madeline's 13th Birthday party.  We had an amazing time!  We decided to do a mall scavenger hunt...finding free stuff at the mall.  I think this was my favorite birthday party theme so far.  I actually picked an old french fry off the food court floor so my group could win!  Seriously fun times!

Spring Break in New York...and a Happy Birthday to Savannah

Savannah's Aunt April made her this make up case cake for her 12th Birthday...It was awesome.  We celebrated in New York with family...Good times!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry David!

I couldn't resist putting this on here. We had such a good time mocking David with his scuba booties...The other picture is David and Paul Allen getting ready for a dive. These two men were like two little boys playing in the water.

One for the memory book!

The most perfect sunset.

Cozumel Fun

David and I had the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Cozumel with some friends. It was a perfect week! David got to scuba dive. He saw some incredible under sea creatures. I got to read and nap. It doesn't get much better than that. We enjoyed touring this island and enjoy the beauty of it. We sure missed our children but relished in enjoying just the two of us again!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Talent Show 2010

This year Jonah and Abby participated in their school talent show. Both stole the show and did very well. Abby is singing one of her favorite songs, You Belong to Me, with her friend Shay. Jonah is doing his 2010 version of Evolution of Dance with a cameo of all his sisters at the end. Enjoy! Now to get 3 hours of sleep before getting a plane for vacation!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble!

It was pinewood Derby time! This was so fun! This year the scouts did their traditional derby racing. They had to follow all the regulations. Jonah designed and painted his own car. He took a consistant 3rd place in each race. He did great! They also had an Outlaw unlimited division for the adults. David was soooo geeked. As you can see he car wasn't much to look at it, typical man, but it took first place by far. He attached some parts from a remote control air plane and it took off! We are proud of our two derby winners!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The BEST Christmas present!

For many months the popular question in the house was; "Hey mom, Do you have some duct tape and scissors?" Coinciding with the question you would see one cute little boy calling any toilet paper roll or paper towel roll as his own..."I call that roll!" So for Christmas we collected as many rolls as we could get from family and friends, bought him some duct tape and gave him his own scissors. He has created all types of things with these items. He is most drawn to making weapons (great!) but he has soooo much fun. This was the best idea ever!

Abigail's 7th Birthday Party!

Such fun we had! We did a mock sleep over birthday party. I love little girl parties!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My sweet Agabail (A.K.A. Abigail) turns 7!

I am not sure when it happened but Abigail got big on us...She is the last of our babies and I am woman enough to admit that it is tough seeing her grow up. She will probably always be this little baby to me. Here are the top 10 things we love about Abigail:

10. Abby loves the fashion...as a baby she always wore bathing suits. Today she loves what her sisters wear.
9. When Abby plays with baby dolls or barbies she is so independent. She plays alone for hours.
8. Abigail is a good eater and loves her fruits.
7. Abby always kisses me and tells me she will always be my baby.
6. Abigail is NOT shy...she loves people and to entertain them.
5. Abby can play sick and I buy into it...she is so good at getting what she wants, and we are so bad...we give it to her.
4. Abigail loves to do her homework and is super smart!
3. Abigail is a great leader. She will tell an entire group of friends what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.
2. She looks and acts so much like her oldest sister Madeline that we call her our MINI Maddy.
1. She is a sweet little addition to our crazy life!