Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We thought going electronic would be the best way to update everyone on how the Walker 6 are doing this year. Keep in mind, this blog is updated regularly, so check back for additional updates.

This Christmas season we find ourselves blessed with our children and opportunities of life. We are grateful that during this difficult and struggling times here in Michigan that David is still employed. We know there are so many not as fortunate and we pray for their well being daily. We are grateful for our growing children. They bring us both challenges and joy, both of which make us a better family. This Christmas season, we are thankful for our loving Savior and His sacrifice for us. Having the knowledge of His love for us is such a source of strength for our family. As we look around at the suffering in our world and here in Michigan, the feeling of no hope seems to envelope many people. We are grateful we have hope, hope that Heavenly Father loves his children. We hope this holiday season will be good for all of you. We love you and thank you for the support you give to our family!

Updates of David and LeeAnne.

David had the opportunity to go scuba diving in Mexico with a great friend of his. He had an amazing time. David plays basketball once a week and in the summer he wakeboards with another great friend of his. David spends a lot of time doing service. He works with the young men in the church. He fixes many peoples' computers weekly. David helps out with anything he is able to do. He is a great example of selfless service.

LeeAnne (yep, that's me) had the opportunity to run 2 marathons this past year. I only ran the 2nd marathon because I did so bad on the first. I have the privilege of teaching an early morning scripture study class (yes, early morning seminary) for high school age students. This calling has brought me great pleasure. I also feel blessed to be a stay at home mom (with part time work here and there). I get so many blessings from serving my family.

Santa's helper Madeline

Has Madeline been a good little girl this year? Wait a minute...I mean big girl this year? Madeline passed her mother up in height which pushes her into the big girl status. She is a beautiful young woman. Madeline works very hard to stay on the honor roll at school. She carry as 3.9 G.P.A. She was in the lego club for a period of time at school. She loves young women's at church. Madeline plays the piano and flute. Madeline is such a responsible person. She is very organized and is great with children. Madeline is enjoying being the quiet preteen. She loves T.V and enjoys swimming. Madeline is every one's best friend. We just love her!

Santa's helper Savannah (with Cali)

Has Savannah been a good little girl this year? No question! Savannah has blossomed so much. She has taken that creative dramatic energy and turned it into academic success. Savannah has a 3.9 g.p.a. She has published one poem in a book and made to the school board meeting with another where she shared her poem about our Veterans (see previous posting below). Savannah is a Twilight fan just like her mother. She loves to read. Savannah is changing so quickly into a young woman. She loves make up and fashionable clothes. She hates to match, which drives Madeline crazy. She loves to be in bright wild stuff. We love our tender heart Savannah. She makes us smile every day. When she was a baby she could light up a room with what we referred to as the "Savannah smile." She still has that ability. Savannah's warm personality gets into many people's hearts.

Santa's helper Jonah

Has Jonah been a good little boy this year? Hmmmmm.... no behavior charts for school this year indicates YES! Jonah has really worked hard on focusing on what his teacher's ask and tell him and not getting easily angered. We are super proud of the young man he is becoming. Jonah did flag football this year and really showed his talents. He is amazing at defense. Jonah loves his game boy DS and the WII. He has advanced in Cub Scouts to a Wolf. He loves Cub Scouts and he has great leaders. Jonah is his mom's running buddy, dancing buddy and if you don't tell anyone he is also his mom's cuddle buddy! Jonah rocks!

Santa's helper Abigail

Has Abigail been a good girl this year??? You bet! Abigail will be 7 in January but she acts 20. Sharing a room with her two big sisters has helped Abby to grow up super fast. She is really into fashion and sparkly things. Abigail loves to play with her friends and is definitely a leader. She occasionally needs reminding that there is more than one correct way to do something. Abigail is in a great position in this family. She can use her age to her advanage at any time. She will say "I am big enough to do that" or "I'm too young to make my own sandwhich for lunch". Either way we find her so irrestibly cute that we cater to her needs. So yes Abigail was a good girl this year...She is yummy!

From cuddling

All Savannah wanted for Christmas was a kitten. She asked Santa to help her find just the right kitten. Requirements: orange like Crush, our other cat, and super cuddly. Santa caved and went on the search. It didn't take long before one of Santa's elves (a.k.a. good friend) found the perfect kitten. It was exactly what Savannah wanted. The transition for Crush was difficult. There was some hissing (actually, a lot of hissing) some depression (he refused to come upstairs and eat for a few days). But then he started to play with the kitten and eventually they became buddies. This shot of them together was not staged. They actually seem to like each other. Santa made Savannah's Christmas memorable. Crush and Cali are now the Walker 6's cuddle pets.