Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break in New York

Here are the children and their cousins in Central Park.  This was so fun.  I was especially in love with the trees in this park.  One of our favorite movies is Home Alone, so we relived a few of the scenes here. 
This guys was neat.  Jonah took right to him.  Of course we had to give a tip in order to take this picture!
This is the token photo that everyone takes to remember their vacations.  When I look at this I can't believe how much my children have grown.  They are great children!
This is a great New York City view with most of us.  David is taking the picture.  Spending the day in New York City made me realize how busy the world can be.  Wow was it super crowded and busy!  I had to keep doing head counts to make sure we didn't lose any of our little ones.
A kiss from my amazing husband under the KISS
The FAO Schwartz piano...this was so neat!  I made Madeline get on, you can tell she was thrilled!  This was one of our favorite places.  We couldn't afford anything in it but it was fun!I had to put this picture in.  This was an emotional moment for me.  Abigail lost her two front teeth.  Wow is she cute!

Madeline's 13th Birthday

This was Madeline's 13th Birthday party.  We had an amazing time!  We decided to do a mall scavenger hunt...finding free stuff at the mall.  I think this was my favorite birthday party theme so far.  I actually picked an old french fry off the food court floor so my group could win!  Seriously fun times!

Spring Break in New York...and a Happy Birthday to Savannah

Savannah's Aunt April made her this make up case cake for her 12th Birthday...It was awesome.  We celebrated in New York with family...Good times!