Sunday, May 15, 2011

Many Recent Happenings.

Abigail's artwork was displayed in the local library....

LeeAnne ran a marathon, more details read my running blog.

Savannah won a Community Youth Award, one of 20 Huron Valley students to win.  Very cool!

Savannah and I went to Temple Square in Salt Lake
It was super rainy...but still amazing!

Everyone LOVES and Easter Picutre

Here is what most people look like when they pose for thier Easter pictures...very calm, very sweet looking!
But the Walker6 family-well....we are a little odd. If you notice Madeline is walking away, she really HATES it when we are odd. Hee Hee
 This is the REAL us...


Maddy, Savannah and their friend Danielle collected "meal kits" for families in need this past month.  They did two separate meal types; 1.  Spaghetti and green beans  2.  Tuna Casserole Dish.  Overall they collected 58 meal kits.  We are so proud of their service to the community.  They handed these "meal kits" to families in need from the local Light House Center, this is a local assistance establishment for the community neighbors in need.  It was a great experience for the girls in serving their neighbors.  They collected, sorted and organized the entire event.  It wasn't easy for them to actually "hand" them out.  Maddy made Savannah do most of the talking, shocker I know, but it was great for them.

Are we there yet?

We had the opportunity to go visit the Kirtland Temple in Ohio recently.  This was SO cool.  To be able to visit the first LDS temple that has been in existence since 1838 (?).  It was a great spiritual experience to KNOW that the Savior visited this temple and what was restored there.  The weather was not the best but with approximately 50 friends and family with us it was amazing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun Blog to Follow

Here is great blog that is super fun to follow...they are having a give away too!  Check it out.