Thursday, September 29, 2011


This year is a HUGE adjustment for us.  Our Madeline started High School.  And yes, I am one of those moms you hate.  I really struggle with my children growing up...I am whine about it all the time.  I LOVE having a house full of children and chaos.  I don't want those days to come to a close any time soon.  When I think of Maddy this is what I think of...

Little and having so much fun with her siblings...she still does this but she is all grown up now.  Now she has more fun with her friends.  THIS is what I am not prepared for...

Yep...she is touching a BOY!  Luckily for me this is a camp counselor she had EFY camp (Especially for youth).  She is enjoying growing up and I am loving being a part of this great young woman that she has become.  She is such a tender spirit.  She is like most teenagers and gets a little sassy now and then, I know right!!!  But the great thing for me is by the end of the day if she has been sassy she will usually come to me and say something like " Hey mom...I am sorry I was rude".  She will never know how much that touches my heart.  I know she is being a teenager and I let it slide...but is such a great kid that SHE doesn't let it slide.  LOVE her!


Every year we enter the summer reading program at our local library.  If the children do a designated amount of reading they get to enter their names in a drawing for a prize.  A few years ago Madeline won this awesome bag with a lot of fun goodies when her name was picked.  Knowing this you can imagine Savannah's complete excitement when we received a call this summer that she won a prize.  She was so eager to run to the library and see what she won.  When we got there and they handed Savannah her prize I almost died laughing.  This is what she won.

You can tell by the look on her face that her excitement was ALL gone!  This is a reusable bag...and nothing was in it!  Just the bag is what she won.  I barely made it out of the library I was laughing so hard.  Savannah was quoted as saying "I've never won anything in my whole life...and THIS is what I win".  Good stuff!

We had a lot of family fun with this event.  My aunt suggested that wherever Savannah goes this summer she should take her bag so she knows were she is.  We LOVED that we did it!

Here she is up in Lewiston camping with some friends!

And here she is at Michigan's Adventure!
Camping in Pentwater with some friends!!! And somewhere we have a picture of her at the Detroit zoo and Girl's camp...they have seemed to disappeared.  All  in all we have had GREAT fun with this bag!  Thanks library for helping us to appreciate always knowing where we are!