Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You Veterans!

Savannah did it again with her creative writing! She was one of four students picked to share their poems to the veterans at the school board meeting. She did an amazing job presenting her poem. Savannah has such a great talent with creative writing, we are so proud of her. Here is her poem:

Thank You Veterans
by Savannah Walker
6th Grade
They go to war for years.
Wives and husbands' not knowing if or when they'll come back.
They risk their lives for yours.
Giving all they own for the fate of our country.
With this unselfish act all I can say is Thanks.
They are the reason we have peace.
While they are in war they don't get to enjoy all they worked for.
These people are veterans, the heroes of our country.
The reason we are peaceful here.
Thank you Veterans