Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keeping it REAL

I am taking this blog idea from a Friend of mine, who rocks!  Realizing I am guilty of only posting the flowery-good things that happen in the Walker household, I decided to get REAL!  I have the days when I feel less than great at my calling as a  wife and mother.  So in an effort to keep us REAL I am going to post some of the REAL things that happen in our household.  So for your entertainment here it goes...

1.  If it gets past 8:30 p.m. I start to laugh uncontrollably, even if it isn't appropriate, then I start to cry...this continues until David insists that I go to sleep.
2.  Abby and Jonah literally wake up fighting on some days...they are like magnets that find each other in the morning and then they go at it, until I want to scream.
3.  Maddy is not someone you want to talk to in the morning, avoid her at all costs.
4.  Savannah is a PIG...there is no sugar coating this one.  She leaves her belongings everywhere.  Once she had her shoe and sock at the entrance of the door...the other shoe and sock in the bathroom and her pants in the hallway.
5.  David HATES closet doors and drawers open...he will slam them if they are open!
6.  Savannah's kitten Cali is challenged and she lifts her butt when she pees... so that I have to clean her pee of the tray her litter box sits on...daily!
7. I leave all my toiletries on the bathroom counter in the morning after I get ready...I pick them up later, this drives David nuts!
8.  There are days I lock myself in the bathroom to take a bath and threaten my children that if they open the door...they may die!
9.  Everyone EXCEPT David, eats out of the same peanut butter jar on Sunday's after church.
10.  Right now our van has a leak in the coolant...so it smells REALLY bad...we are now known as the "stinky van people".

There it is for you...keeping it REAL