Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Charming Chicago!

We went to the museum of Science and Industry.  I can honestly say this was the BEST museum ever!  I really don't enjoy museums but I suck it up for my families well being.  That being said, this one was amazing.  I really loved it!  This picture was taken in the How Weather Works area.  The girls were enjoying the wind blown appearance.  Very cool.
This is an actual submarine that was captured in WW1, U-505. They built this museum around this enormous thing.  We were able to tour this submarine.  Our tour guide was amazing, he had you so involved in the tour that you felt as if you were really there.  Although when he described how 50-75 men were in there for months without a shower I was super glad I wasn't really there.  This was simply awesome. 

Madeline and Savannah have found their future prom dress!

What would a trip to the museum be without a little face painting.  Savannah got a butterfly.  Madeline's was an elephant and Abigail's was a unicorn.  Very cool!

We are so grateful to my Uncle Kevin and his wife Jen for treating us so awesome.  We couldn't not have had a better time.  We shopped, ate, walked, ate, shopped and ate some more.  We had one perfect weekend...thanks Uncle Kevin!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Fun

This big thing is a Buzz Light year made out of Lego's.  We received an open house invitation to the new Lego store opening up in a very upscale local mall.  I wasn't super eager to go, Lego's excite the rest of the family much more than they excite me.  After being convinced to go I was amazed at how cool it was.  The line to get into this store wrapped around the banister in the mall.  On the lower level children could build a section of the Buzz statue.  It was AWESOME!  Then at random moments they would ask trivia questions and hand out prizes.  It just so happens that David has a lot of information in that brain of his so he knew the answer and let Abigail receive the prize.  She was thrilled!  She one a Lego house, which the whole family built the same night when we came home.  It is amazing the imagination that creative people have.  This event was amazing.
Madeline and Savannah entertained themselves endlessly with this ball structure...What a hoot.