Monday, July 27, 2009

Too funny for words!

We had a garage sale with my mother in! During slow moments Madeline and Savannah created this dance... They used props from the garage sale items , they were awesome. We actually had them do the dance for a couple of customers. It was precious!

Camping fun!

This was our trip to Michigan's Adventure. This was are awesome fun group. The children rode the roller coasters until the very end. It was great. Madeline and Mia did the Rip Cord...You couldn't pay me enough to do that...brave girl! We ate junk food, played and had a great time. I love this family tradition.

I love this photo...they are all looking at the air show off the beach. It was neat. It was a great day watching the air show and then the fireworks with great friends in Traverse City.

We thought this was so cool. We were camping in Traverse City with friends and our campsite had an Abigail Avenue. How cool is that?

Rip Cord Fun......!!!!

Abigail and her reading dog!

Abigail had the opportunity to read to a dog at the White Lake Library. This was so neat. She read about 6 books to the dog, I forgot his name, and she really enjoyed it. She thought it was super cool...until the dog sneezed on her. She was done after that. But I thought this was such a cool summer program for her age.

Fun at Uncle Jamie's House!

Abigail and cousin Mira...They are both super cute!
Cousin Derek and Jonah...They kind of scare me!

I just love my freckle faced girlies! They are so special!
We had a lot of fun enjoying my brother's pool. I just love watching children play in water. They had so much fun being wild and going down the slide. That is what summer is all about.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What are these children doing?

As I looked out the window to see if the children were on the bus ...I noticed this. I wonder what they were doing?????

Yeppers...they were reading

This was not staged. They were waiting for the bus to come and instead of playing I guess they were too involved with their books...they were reading....It was so tender! I love it when they want to read!
We are sure enjoying our fun summer time... we have been camping and playing. Madeline and Savannah are babysitting somewhat and are enjoying some freedom. Jonah and Abigail are good but they sometimes use the hated phrase "I'm bored"...I am quickly trying to remedy that with unwanted chores. Hee Hee....I would love to be bored!

My poster!

The time has come that I have been released from serving in the Young Women's Presidency. I will sure miss working with the girls! But as a tradition they did make me a poster and it had my very favorite yummies on it. I am addicted to this chocolate granola and Jen Petersen used Hershey bars for every word she needed. It was super great. I so appreciated it! And in case you are wondering how this will affect my recent chocolate recovery hasn't I shared my candy bars with my children...I didn't have one! That is such progress.

Fifth Grade Graduation

Fifth Grade graduation proved to be emotional for Savannah. She is really going to miss her elementary friends and teachers. She is excited to be in the same school as Madeline but at the cost of missing elementary. She is an amazing student and we are super proud of her!