Friday, October 12, 2012

Top Happenings in the Walker Home

I know, It's been a while...I stink at keeping this up.  Here are some of the top changes/happenings in our home.  We have found that for every negative incident that has happened to our family we were able to find a positive outcome...So here goes:

1. Negative: A Herniated disc in my neck( no idea how this happened...I know it wasn't from my crazy work out routine :) 
1. Positive: My family stepped up to the plate and did more housework and I learned what great friends and family I have.

2. Negative: Having to get rid of the family cat. :(
2. Positive: We got a new matter how much your try to clean it, once a cat has peed on your couch the cat and couch must go!

3.  Negative: Home Depot putting in our pergo flooring and finding 13 of the boxes damaged.  This equaled a delay in getting the remaining flooring in the basement.  UGH...I hate chaos.  A room half finished is trying my patience.
3. Positive:  Because the flooring wasn't in, when our main water line from the well into the house broke...the water did not ruin my new floor.  The only damaged areas were old carpeted areas and concrete. :)

4. Negative: David's company did end up closing its doors.
4. Positive: A new job came his way...New Opportunities to conquer

That sums up our lives recently.  There are always silver linings!

Lovie Updates:
Madeline, doing great in school (of course).  She is working on her driving and getting better everyday.
Savannah, she is thriving in High School and of course doing all she can to fill her time with activities.
Jonah, he is working hard on earning badges for his Eagle Scout and functioning in school.  Jonah does great in school but he reminds me everyday how he thinks it stinks.
Abigail, she has been a trooper.  She has started gymnastics, and loves it.  Abigail was just made student of the month for her grade at elementary.

All in all they are doing great and I feel blessed to be a part of their crazy lives.


Danielle said...

We miss your awesome family! And while we miss you and the Mr. we really miss your rockin' kids :) They are the best! Glad to hear they are all doing good.

Shelli said...

Glad you are all doing well, and love your positive outlook, even when things are tough. Love you.

Jill said...

This post makes me miss my friend LeeAnne! I'm glad you found your silver linings, because it sounds like you've had a whopping few months. Your kids look great ( of course - they are great kids!), and I'm glad your neck is fixed, your floor is in, and the peed-on couch is gone. We may be far away, but I think of you often, and you and Dave have both achieved legend status in our home as Seriously The Best People We Know. Love you!

Erin said...

Oh my heavens! Never a dull moment!!! You need to post pictures of the new floor and couch :) I can't imagine a seminary free Walker home!!! ;) Love you and your great optimism!